The miniMos reagents are described in: “Frøkjær-Jensen C, Davis MW, Sarov M, Taylor J, Flibotte S, LaBella M, Pozniakovski A, Moerman DG and Jorgensen EM. Random and targeted transgene insertion in C. elegans using a modified Mos1 transposon. Nature Methods. (In press)”.

The plasmids can be ordered either individually (see links below) or as a kit (29 plasmids – 8 co-injection vectors, 16 cloning vectors, 3 positive controls and 2 LacO vectors) from Addgene. Please see this page for information about ordering the kit. If you plan to order more than 7 plasmids it is cheaper to order the full kit. Addgene is a non-profit plasmid repository and we do not receive any compensation or commission – it is just the easiest way to distribute plasmids and saves us a lot of time dealing with shipping and MTAs.

Co-injection markers
PlasmidDescriptionTransgeneApE fileAddgene plasmid repository
Mos1 transposase
pCFJ601Induces Mos1 transposition by injection.Peft-3:Mos1 transposasepCFJ601Request plasmid
pJL44Induces Mos1 transposition by heat-shock.Phsp-16.48:Mos1 transposasepJL44Request plasmid
Negative selection
pMA122Negative selection, heat-shock inducible.Phsp-16.41:peel-1:tbb-2 UTRpMA122Request plasmid
Fluorescent markers
pGH8Visual extra-chromosomal array marker. Red, nervous system, cytosolic.Prab-3:mCherry:unc-54 UTRpGH8Request plasmid
pCFJ90Visual extra-chromosomal array marker. Red, pharynx, cytosolic. Pmyo-2:mCherry:unc-54 UTRpCFJ90Request plasmid
pCFJ104Visual extra-chromosomal array marker. Red, body wall muscle, cytosolic.Pmyo-3:mCherry:unc-54 UTRpCFJ104Request plasmid
pCFJ420Visual extra-chromosomal array marker. Green, ubiquitous, nuclear. Peft-3:GFP:H2B:tbb-2 UTRpCFJ420Request plasmid
pCFJ421Visual extra-chromosomal array marker. Green, pharynx, nuclear.Pmyo-2:GFP:H2B:tbb-2 UTRpCFJ421Request plasmid
miniMos cloning vectors
PlasmidSelectionApE file (Right click and "save as..")Addgene plasmid repository
Three-fragment Gateway vectors (R4-R3
pCFJ906cb-unc-119B10 - pCFJ906 - Minimal Mos1, unc-119, [4-3] GatewayRequest plasmid
pCFJ907NeoRB11 - pCFJ907 - pDESTR4-R3-miniMos(NeoR)Request plasmid
pCFJ908PuroRB12 - pCFJ908 - Minimal Mos1, PuroR, [4-3] GatewayRequest plasmid
pCFJ1655HygroRpCFJ1655 - pDESTR4-R3-miniMos(HygroR)Request plasmid
pCFJ1258No selectionC4 - pCFJ1258 - Minimal Mos1, [4-3] GatewayRequest plasmid
Multiple cloning site vectors
pCFJ909cb-unc-119A1 - pCFJ909 - Minimal Mos1, unc-119, MCSRequest plasmid
pCFJ910NeoRA2 - pCFJ910 - Minimal Mos1, NeoR, MCSRequest plasmid
pCFJ1662HygroRpCFJ1662 - pEXPminiMos(hygroR)[MCS]Request plasmid
pCFJ1272No selectionA6- pCFJ1272 - Minimal Mos1, MCSRequest plasmid
Three-fragment Gateway vectors (R4-R3) + hs:peel-1
pCFJ1001cb-unc-119C2 - pCFJ1001 - Minimal Mos1, unc-119, peel-1, [4-3] GatewayRequest plasmid
pCFJ1002NeoRC3 - pCFJ1002 - Minimal Mos1, NeoR, peel-1, [4-3] GatewayRequest plasmid
pCFJ1000PuroRC1 - pCFJ1000 - Minimal Mos1, PuroR, peel-1, [4-3] GatewayRequest plasmid
pCFJ1656HygroRpCFJ1656 - pDESTR4-R3-miniMos(HygroR, peel-1)Request Plasmid
pCFJ1259No selectionC5 - pCFJ1259 - Minimal Mos1, peel-1, [4-3] GatewayRequest plasmid
Multiple cloning site vectors + hs:peel-1
pCFJ1201cb-unc-119A3 - pCFJ1201 - Minimal Mos1, unc-119, peel-1, MCSRequest plasmid
pCFJ1202NeoRA4 - pCFJ1202 - Minimal Mos1, NeoR, peel-1, MCSRequest plasmid
pCFJ1663HygroRpCFJ1663 - pEXPminiMos(hygroR, peel-1)MCS]Request plasmid
pCFJ1200PuroRA5 - pCFJ1200 - Minimal Mos1, PuroR, peel-1, MCSRequest plasmid
pCFJ1273No selectionA7 - pCFJ1273 - Minimal Mos1, peel-1, MCSRequest plasmid
Fosmid cassette
pCFJ496cb-unc-119A8 - pCFJ496 - 500bp Mos1, unc-119, fosmid cassetteRequest plasmid
Positive control vectors + LacO
PlasmidTransgeneSelectionApE file (Right click and "save as..")Addgene plasmid repository
Positive controls
pCFJ914Peft-3:GFP:H2B:tbb-2UTRNeoRA9 - pCFJ914 - Minimal Mos1 [Peft-3 GFP H2B tbb-2 UTR, NeoR]Request plasmid
pCFJ1208Peft-3:tdTomato(NLS):tbb-2 UTRcb-unc-119A10 - pCFJ1208 - Minimal Mos1 [Peft-3 tdTomato(NLS) tbb-2 UTR, unc-119]Request plasmid
pCFJ1209Peft-3:tdTomato(NLS):tbb-2 UTRNeoRA11 - pCFJ1209 - Minimal Mos1 [Peft-3 tdTomato(NLS) tbb-2 UTR, NeoR]Request plasmid
256x LacO plasmids
pCFJ1324256x lacOcb-unc-119 + NeoRA12 - pCFJ1324 - Minimal Mos1 [256x LacO, unc-119, NeoR, peel-1]Request plasmid
pCFJ1319256x lacOcb-unc-119 + PuroRB1 - pCFJ1319 - Minimal Mos1 [256x LacO, unc-119, PuroR, peel-1]Request plasmid