Insertion strains

LocusGenetic positionChromosomal PositionStrainGermline expressionCGC
ttTi4348I:-5.32I: 2.85 MBEG6701YesRequest strain
ttTi4391I:7.93I: 11.27 MBEG6702NoRequest strain
ttTi5605II:0.77II: 8.42 MBEG6699YesRequest strain
cxTi10816IV:1.41IV: 5.01 MBEG6703YesRequest strain
cxTi10882IV:-0.05IV: 4.24 MBEG6700Yes (variable)Request strain
ttTi14024X:22.84X: 15.57 MBEG6705Late stages onlyRequest strain
ttTi4348I:-5.32I: 2.85 MBEG6032YesRequest strain

Most strains were injected with a rescuing array containing a bright GFP and cb-unc-119 to facilitate freezing and strain handling. It is necessary to loose the array before injecting worms to generate MosSCI insertions.