Universal MosSCI insertion strains

Universal insertion sitesUni_sites

All universal MosSCI insertion sites are targeted by vectors for the ttTi5605 locus. These vectors include pCFJ150 and pCFJ350.

Insertion siteLocusCo-insertion markerGenetic positionGenomic position (WS190)Genomic environmentStrainGermline expression
UniI_I ( Neo)oxTi185NeoR + unc-18(+)I:1.17I: 6,503,678IntergenicEG8078Yes
Uni_II (Neo)oxTI179NeoR + unc-18(+)II:1.73II: 9,833,502In ZK938.3EG8079Yes
Uni_III (Neo)oxTi444NeoR + unc-18(+)III:-0.85III: 7,014,336In lgc-38EG8080Yes
UniI_IV (Neo)oxTi177NeoR + unc-18(+)IV:7.43IV: 13,048,924In scl-10EG8081Yes
Uni_V (Neo)oxTi365NeoR + unc-18(+)V:1.52V: 8,643,273In asp-13EG8082Yes
Uni_V (GFP)oxTi354Pmyo-2:GFP:H2B + unc-18(+)V:5.59V: 13,783,531In F53C11.3EG8083Yes

All strains have been outcrossed 5x. You can follow insertions based on resistance to the drug G418  (NeoR) or the fluorophore adjacent to the insertion site.