Universal insert verification

In order to verify and characterize insertions into the universal insertion sites it’s useful to have the full sequences of the region surrounding the insertion site as well as the oligos that we have used successfully. Below is a table with ApE files (use with the free plasmid editor ApE or any other molecular biology editor that can read annotated Genbank files) that show an annotated map of the sequence around universal insertion sites. Oligos for verification are listed in the comments for the ApE file and annotated in the maps.

Insertion siteChromosomeCo-insertion markersOligos for verificationAnnotated ApE file
oxTi185Chr. INeoR + unc-18oCF1529, oCF1608, oCF1609oxTi185
oxTi179Chr. IINeoR + unc-18oCF1529, oCF1493, oCF1494oxTi179
oxTi444Chr. IIINeoR + unc-18oCF1529, oCF1513, oCF1514oxTi444
oxTi177Chr. IVNeoR + unc-18oCF1529, oCF1491, oCF1492oxTi177
oxTi365Chr. VNeoR + unc-18oCF1529, oCF1501, oCF1502oxTi365