About the miniMos transposon

The miniMos transposon is a method to carry transgenes into the C. elegans genome.  The method has the advantages:

  • The insertion frequency and fidelity is high
  • The exact insertion site can be determined
  • Large transgenes can be inserted
  • The miniMos element is active in C. elegansC. briggsae and natural isolates.
  • Transgenes are expressed in the germline at high frequency.

The method works by inserting a transgene into a modified Mos1 element (miniMos). The miniMos transposon can carry the inserted transgene (together with a selection marker) into the genome. Insertions are generated directly by injecting worms and take approximately 1 week to generate. The insertion site is random and can be identified by inverse PCR on the strain.

  • The transgene cloned into the appropriate miniMos vector (different selection markers)
Schematic of method